Complete Accounting Package




⦁ Enter transactions and adjusting journal entries as needed

⦁ Bank Reconciliation

⦁ Credit Card Reconciliation

⦁ Provide Monthly Financial Statements


⦁ Process payroll wages

⦁ Submit payroll tax deposits

Sales Tax

⦁ File monthly sales tax return

⦁ Process sales tax payment


⦁ Prepare, process and file payroll tax returns

⦁ Review income and determine estimated tax payments

⦁ Provide quarterly financial statements with comparison to prior period to show business progress


⦁ Prepare and file corporate tax return

⦁ File annual payroll tax returns

⦁ Process and file W2s and 1099’s and corresponding IRS forms

⦁ Prepare Annual Corporate Report / LLC renewal

⦁ Calculate amount and advise on retirement contributions

⦁ Prepare and file personal tax return

Summary of Services

⦁ Bookkeeping

⦁ Payroll

⦁ Sales Tax

⦁ Estimated Tax Projections

⦁ Retirement Contribution Planning

⦁ Annual Report

⦁ IRS and IDOR correspondence on all tax notices

⦁ Corporate tax return

⦁ Individual tax return

⦁ Annual Tax Planning for both business and personal

Client Benefits

⦁ Complete monthly up-to-date books

⦁ Massive amounts of time savings

⦁ Complimentary personal yearly return included

⦁ Client has more time to work on business or enjoy their time off

⦁ Monthly and Quarterly reports emailed right to your inboxes

⦁ Up-to-date reports for easy projections

⦁ Trusted adviser to work with for both business and personal tax planning